The Climb Calculator  
  • Enter the height of the climb in feet - climb(ft)
  • Enter the distance of the climb in miles - climb(mi)
  • Optionally enter your time for that climb - mins:secs
  • Optionally enter the rider weight / equipment weight - rider(wt) / equip(wt)
  • Optionally enter the average watts / extra watts - avg watts / extra watts
  • If both weight and watts information is entered, mins and secs are re-calculated
  • Suggested value to use for the extra watts is 40 to 50 watts ***
  • Press "Predict Climbing Numbers" to see the predictions!
*** NOTE: "extra watts" is the power required to overcome headwind, rolling resistance, bad hair, etc.
avg watts
extra watts
Height Distance Climb Time Weight VFM MPH Watts Watts/Kg
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