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Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers
  1. Does your guarantee really give me back every penny I spent?

  2. How can I pay for the products I order?

  3. Will you give my personal information to anyone else?

Does your guarantee really give me back every penny I spent?

Absolutely! Our unique 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction policy is intended to make sure you are completely satisfied. That is why we will either offer you an exchange (where we pay all the shipping costs for returning the original and sending you the replacement) OR we will simply offer you a complete refund. And to us, "complete" means just that - we will refund you the original purchase price, the sales tax (if you shipped it to someplace in California), the original shipping cost, the return shipping cost, and if you had the item gift-wrapped by us, even the gift-wrapping charge! We do not believe you will find any other company that backs up their products like we do.

Why do we bother to offer this kind of guarantee? Simple. When you are ordering from any online store, it's exactly the same as traditional mail order. This means you don't really get to see, feel, and touch the product until the day it arrives at your door. What if you're disappointed in the quality? Or the color? Or the size? Or the smell? Or anything else? At PolarLight StarCart, we don't think it's fair for the customer to try and return something and end up having to pay for the shipping charges - and twice, yet (once for the original delivery and once to actually return it). So, we want you to feel that you are not risking anything if you order from us - not a single penny! Of course, we can't reimburse you for the time you will spend to box it back up and take it down to the Post Office to be returned to us. But that's all you lose! Please just make sure the item you return is in its original condition - and you have 60 days to decide!

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How can I pay for the products I order?

You can read about the details for ordering our products by reading our Order Info page. But to summarize, we accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and JCB), as well as check or money order. If you want to order by credit card, but don't feel comfortable using the Internet, no problem! Simply fill out the information on the Checkout page and under the "Payment Information" section, choose the FAX or call in credit card information option. After submitting your order, you can send us your credit card details using either our FAX number or just calling us in person.

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Will you give my personal information to anyone else?

Absolutely NOT! You can read about our very strong feelings about Your Privacy and feel satisfied that your personal information will never be given or sold to anybody else for any reason. This information is kept in strict confidence - we will never misuse or abuse your personal, private information.

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