Our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction Policy

At PolarLight StarCart, we believe in backing up the excellent products we sell. We have complete confidence that you will be totally satisfied with anything you buy from us. But, since you are purchasing from an online store, we understand that your expectations may be different than what is delivered to your door. So, we have formulated one of the most powerful guarantees of satisfaction that you will find at any company:

If you are not 100% satisfied with any product that you buy from PolarLight StarCart, we will gladly either offer you an exchange (where we pay all the shipping costs for returning the original and sending you the replacement) OR we will simply offer you a complete refund. And to us, "complete" means just that - we will refund you the original purchase price, the sales tax (if you shipped it to someplace in California), the original shipping cost, the return shipping cost, and if you had the item gift-wrapped by us, even the gift-wrapping charge!

This 100% guarantee of satisfaction is good for the first 60 days after you actually receive delivery of any of our products.

You do not need a reason for wanting to exchange your product or to receive a refund - you simply send it back to us (remember - we'll pay for this!) and explain which option you would like (an exchange or a refund).

We only ask that you return the product in the same condition that you originally received it. That's it!

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